Kat Geng uses play - as a practice and an outcome - to imagine objects with renewed purpose in her colorful mixed media sculptures and immersive installations. With a conceptual foundation and a dose of humor, Geng adopts discarded belongings and gives them fresh context through unexpected pairings often sprinkled with scribbles, scrawls or gestural brush strokes. Mirroring her nomadic lifestyle, Geng creates shifting environments and assemblages that reflect her longstanding relationship with movement. In her work she embraces the heyday of mix tapes and floppy discs while addressing themes of intimacy and suffering. Each piece mischievously tempts with worn toys and alluring textures.

After earning a B.A. in art history from Bard College, she received her objects training in art conservation at The Williamstown Art Conservation Center, MA. Geng has recently shown at The Luggage Store Gallery, Root Division and Incline Gallery in San Francisco where her studio practice is based and ProArts in Oakland. Her upcoming solo exhibition, Lost in the Found, will be opening January 13th at The Royal Nonesuch Gallery in Oakland, CA.